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Honeywell Advanced Electroplating Coating
Introducing Exciting New Coating Technology by
for the Oil & Gas Industry

Honeywell’s advanced coating is applied by a unique electroplating process to protect critical parts from wear and corrosion under the most rugged and demanding operating conditions. This new coating is a viable alternative to Tungsten Carbide and Chrome coatings that combines outstanding performance and competitive pricing in one offering. Honeywell’s Advance Electroplating Coating can extend the life cycle up to three times more as compared to hard chrome due to its high wear and corrosion resistance. In addition, compared with Tungsten Carbide, this unique coating saves significant cost given similar durability in field and higher reliability during handling and logistics owing to its excellent ductility. The days of broken, fragile coated rods will no longer be a problem for your company, saving you both time and money. 

With nearly a quarter-century of electroplating experience used in aerospace and defense applications, Honeywell approached Moore’s Industrial Service Ltd. because of our reputation as a world leader with over 40 years experience in electroplating. We are  honoured to be chosen as Honeywell’s partner in offering this advanced electroplating technology. 

Our partnership proudly claims over 65 years of combined expertise in electroplating coatings.

We are excited to reveal this unique Honeywell Advanced Electroplating Coating after months of development and industry-standard testing for use in oil and gas, and other industrial applications where high levels of wear and corrosion resistance are required.

We look forward to helping you overcome your toughest coating challenges by providing an environmentally compliant solution at a competitive price.

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“Coming from a demanding industry like aerospace, we understand the vigorous demands placed on essential equipment used by oil and gas companies during the exploration and development processes. We understand the unique challenges of building equipment to withstand the harshest imaginable conditions of normal operations – in the air, on the ground, and even in space. Our coatings and the proprietary advanced electroplating process we’ve developed protect vital parts from premature failure, which can impact performance, efficiency, and cost.”
Senior Director Business Development, Honeywell
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Please contact us to find out how the Honeywell Coating using advanced electroplating technology can help your business.
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