Moore's Industrial Service Ltd. committed to protecting the Health and Safety of its employees and the environment. It is our goal to become the leader in our industry for product and protection of our resources - people, equipment, materials and the environment.

Moore's Industrial Service Ltd. is a conglomerate of cultures and people. We encourage and enhance an all inclusive working environment. Training and development, both in house and outsourced, is engaged to address this uniqueness. We provide state of the art training in confined space entry, forklift, equipment, first aid, crane, accident/investigation, hazard assessment and handling of dangerous goods in a variety of languages. All equipment for employees to do their task effectively and safely is provided by the company.

Due to the uniqueness of our product, a Chromium Code of Practice was written, the first of its kind in Canada, and testing for Chromium in the employees is done on a regular basis to ensure the health of the workers. An extensive Industrial Hygiene Survey is done annually at all locations to ensure that our working environment is well within the limits set by environmental regulations and codes established by Alberta OH&S.

Moore's Industrial Service Ltd. is focused on a strong relationship with Environment Canada through communication and reporting; the National Pollutant Release Inventory is recorded and submitted to meet national compliance. Regulations from Environment Canada have been implemented for Stack Testing of atmospheric release for the units of chrome plating. This includes retesting every 5 years to ensure Moore’s stacks are compliant. Moving forward, Moore’s is working on going “green” with an in-house recycling program for chrome which will eliminate hazardous waste while improving the efficiency of our production process.

Work related injuries are managed through the HSE office. A team of medical professionals and department leaders enables workers to return to work through an excellent modified work program. Since receiving a Certificate of Recognition (COR) in 2012 Moore's Industrial Service Ltd. has improved its injury reduction record yearly, resulting in reduced WCB employer premium rates.

Moore's Industrial Service Ltd. is setting the benchmark in this unique industry for their Health, Safety and Environment program. With this set high standard, there have been challenges and demands; however, the wellbeing of the employee has and will continue to be the forefront of all operations within the organization. There is continuous improvement and new policies are being implemented to meet and exceed these expectations.

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